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Thousands of tourists flock to South Florida for the stunning beaches it has to offer. Most of them head to Miami and Key West for their fill of sun and beach. Although Miami indeed has some of the best beaches in South Florida, it is crowded. Tourists visit the same beaten paths year after year, making Miami boring for frequent visitors. Teeming with people, these beaches offer no privacy or solitude to the tired mind and body.

If you are tired of the crowd at Miami or want to experience something new, you must head to Marco Island. Located off the southwest coast of Florida, Marco Island is a dream come true for tourists and travelers who love a solitary beach. The island has several beautiful white beaches to explore and will amaze you with its panoramic vistas. For the weary-soul traveler, Marco Island is an oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate. 

Things To Do in Marco Island

Marco Island may be small in size but it has much to offer to all who visit this place. Tourists and travelers can have a good time on the island with Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals and enjoy the natural abundance of the place. Your time at the island will be well spent at:

i. Pristine beaches

If you love the beaches of South Florida, you will be awestruck by the stretches of sand at Marco Island. The small island has many solitary beaches that boast of sparkling sand and panoramic gulf vistas. Visitors can savor the sunny days alone or with family and friends and watch playful dolphins in their natural habitat. And when the sun sets, you can capture images that are no less than fairytales. 

ii. Marco Island Princess

Ever wondered how this small island would look like from the waters? Well, the Marco Island Princess will give you the chance to do just that. The cruise has been on the waters for many years now and takes tourists for a round-trip from Rose Marina on Marco Island. Aboard the Princess, tourists can revel in the coastal beauty of South Florida accompanied by a vivid description of the important historical and natural aspects by the captain on
board. You can also opt for any of the tour packages available and go on adventurous excursions planned by the authority. Visitors can also relish buffet-style meals with the best of local dishes.  

iii. Otter Mound Preserve

If you love nature and not just beaches, you will be happy to know that Marco Island is a natural treasure trove. The Otter Mound Preserve in southwestern Collier County is a bounty to any nature lover. Spread over nearly 2.5 acres, the preserve is jotted with nature trails that take you deep into the tropical forests. The trails are, however, unpaved which finds popularity amongst mountain bikers, walkers, strollers, and runners. Animal sightings are also quite common along these trails. 

iv. Briggs Nature Center

For an extra dose of land flora and fauna, you can head over to the nearby Shell Island which houses the Briggs Nature Center. The area is quite remote and maintains its natural solitude for visitors who want to be one with nature. This protected area has many picturesque trails with sightings of fauna like foxes, gators, snakes, turtles, otters, bobcats, birds, etc. If you are on the island at the right time, you can also witness the natural
breeding of birds, turtles, fish, etc. 

v. Marco Island Historical Museum

Marco Island doesn’t only have beautiful beaches; it also has a very rich museum where visitors can spend quite some time. With exhibits collected from all over the island, the museum tells the tale of a small island of Calusa Indians and how they went on to build the Marco Island that it is today. 

vi. Marco Island Center for the Arts

If you would like to know a bit more about the locals, a visit to the local art center is a must. The museum may be small but don’t give it a miss. It is richly stacked with art and paintings from local artists over the generations. Inspired by the vibrant nature of the island, local artists have produced art with the right splash of colors.
vii. Marco Island Brewery

Marco Island is also the right place to quench your thirst and satisfy your tummies. The local bistros and restaurants serve delicious cuisines for the tired traveler. But a trip to Marco Island will be incomplete without a visit to Marco Island Brewery. A family-owned business, the brewery sells more than 40 different brands of fantastic craft beer from across the world. Patrons can enjoy the great ambiance with 40+ HD TVs, a full-scale indoor/outdoor bar, good food, and more. 

Popular activities at Marco Island

i. Marine life sightings

Marco island tour providers arrange trips for visitors who want to experience much more than just land fauna. You can be a part of wildlife tours that are popular for sightings of

marine animals like dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, etc. Seeing these animals up close will be an experience of a lifetime.

ii. Shelling

An interesting way to spend a good time with your friends and family is to go shelling. Many local providers offer tours to nearby islands where you can collect the best of shells. Go out with your family and collect Florida Cones, Sand dollars, Horse Conch, Murex, Junonias, Olives, Tulips, Lighting Whelks, and more on your shelling trip. 

iii. Water activities

When at Marco Island, don’t hesitate to indulge in various water activities conducted by local tour providers. Enthusiasts can spend time parasailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, paddle boarding, and wave running in the gulf waters. 

iv. Marco Island Seafood and Music Festival

Every March, Marco Island hosts a Seafood and Music Festival that lasts for 3 days. During this festival, stalls selling seafood as well as non-seafood are set up and you can get a taste of numerous delicious local recipes. Cooking competitions, activities for kids, sale of art and craft, good music, and more make this festival a gala event for all on Marco Island. 

Getting Around on Marco Island

Unless you want to slump in a corner of your hotel or resort, you will need a ride to different places of interest on Marco Island. Getting an Uber or Lyft could be an option, but that will be expensive, especially if you like to explore around a lot. You could consider hiring a car but that may not be the most convenient commute. What could work though is a street-legal golf cart!

Visitors can easily hire one from Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals for commuting to various places across the island. They are easy to park and offer a smooth ride to small groups of people. If you are traveling with your friends or family, hiring a cart would be the ideal way to get around. 

All carts from Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals are street legal which means you can drive them anywhere you want. With a golf cart with you, you needn’t wait to get a cab to the beach or walk to the local store. They make sure that you have your cart with you for as long as you want – maybe a day or for the entire duration of your stay.